Tokens out for Harambe

I went through a phase where I was super into making custom tokens but have not done any for a little while. Somehow it came up in conversation that a Harambe Voice of Resurgence token would be a good idea. And, I mean, it makes sense because, like Voice of Resurgence, when Harambe died his elemental essence came back stronger, representing the cumulative power of us all.

I made up a few to give to the guys at the local store:

Harambe tokens

Here is a jpg of the token that you can print for yourself if you’d like. It should be sized correctly for printing:


I usually insert them into a Word doc and print them down at Kinko’s (or your office’s nice color printer when nobody’s looking). I then cut them out with scissors and paste them onto leftover commons. It is kind of tedious but nobody said having style was easy.

Up close you can see the zipper on the gorilla suit, so to speak, but in a sleeve in a typical play situation they look pretty legit, if I do say so myself.

Cryptic Cruisin’

I made an embarassing match-losing punt in the middle of my last EMN-SOI Sealed League and ended up going a scrubby 5-4. I needed a little change of pace so I joined an OGW-OGW-BFZ 6222 queue. I’m still a big fan of the format and it’ll be going away soon.

I first-picked Oblivion Strike into Cyclone Sire and ended up blue-black with a pair of Blinding Drones. The deck looked okay:

I 3-0’d but all the games were very close and I definitely had to fight for it, it was a lot of fun. Cryptic Cruiser was the MVP, I’ve never really gotten that card online before but it was great here, tapping problematic attackers and also clearing a path for my own dorky creatures. I sided in a Kozilek’s Pathfinder in every game 2 and he was always an important finisher. It’s not a flashy card but I just found that I needed some beef in the mix.

In round 2 during a bit of a board stall I cast Mire’s Malice, or maybe it was Witness the End out of the sideboard… in any case, opponent had 2 cards in hand at the time and they turned out to be Press into Service and Linvala, the Preserver, yikes! That was a pretty clutch Mind Rot.

Writhing on in there

I had both Hanweir Garrison and Hanweir Battlements in this last Sealed League I did. I only melded them once, but when I did it was a topdeck of the Garrison with just enough mana (8 with exactly 3 red) to cast and activate the combo. I was empty-handed and had no board at the time as well.

I’m sure my opponent was thrilled.


Yeah, you can see I had a Westvale Abbey in my 3-color deck along with the Hanweir Battlements. Oh, and that bad equipment had come out of the sideboard because he had hella large emerge Eldrazi. We do it crazy down here in the 9-Match Friendly Sealed Leagues.

SuckmyLobster does not have time for my foolishness

Went 7-2 in my last “Friendly Sealed League,” which I’m happy with. I get a little buttsore if I can’t hit at least 6-3 with a decent pool.

One of my two losses, I misplayed a close game 3 that I’m sure I could have won if I’d done just one or two things differently. My other loss, well, frankly I got wrecked by this guy named “SuckmyLobster.” I did manage to drag the match out – I had some big rares to dig for (e.g. Bruna, the Fading Light) that could stabilize an unfavorable board.

In the end, though, it just wasn’t very close. I gave him the ‘ol “GGs” in the chat window and he really let me have it! I can only smile at how perturbed this guy was after winning. I haven’t run the numbers but I don’t think the “Friendly Sealed League” is where you want to be if you need to focus hard on converting time into value on Magic Online. Then again, this guy is smarter than me so who knows?


y u mad tho

Half of my Bruna decks work out

I advanced (declined?) to 0-4 in paper drafts at the LGS. I think my deck was fine, no complaints about the draft portion:

Game 3 I was on the draw and had mulled to 5 but I feel I was in it to the end. There was one specific play where I made a subtle mistake and it probably informed the rest of the game; not exactly sure. It was a close damage race at the end so missing even one attack probably mattered.

Opponent had a couple of 3-power creatures (Wretched Gryff, Soul Swallower) and I cast Faith Unbroken on my 1/1 spirit token. All at once as I’m casting the spell, I say that I’m going to target the Wretched Gryff with the exile effect. Now, I should have cast the Faith Unbroken and not said anything about which creature I was going to exile until it hit the battlefield attached to my own guy. By keeping my mouth shut, my opponent would have to let the Faith Unbroken resolve if he wanted to learn what I was going to target. I strongly suspect that opponent has Clear Shot and I have Strength of Arms in hand so if he did, in fact, let the enchantment resolve, my guy would be 3/3 – he’d presumably then Clear Shot it with whichever of his 3-power creatures did not get exiled, then I could have responded with Strength of Arms.

All of that requires opponent to not Clear Shot with the Faith Unbroken on the stack regardless but I feel that by getting ahead of myself in naming his creature, I probably prompted that play at least slightly. So that didn’t work out. Even so, I kept grinding and eventually played Bruna, the Fading Light. I was one attack away from a win but opponent used Grapple with the Past to retrieve a Stitched Mangler and tap down Bruna so I died.

I was also one Swamp away from a pretty fancy play on the last turn. I had Haunted Dead in my graveyard and Voldaren Pariah in-hand. If I had 4 black sources, I could have discarded Voldaren Pariah to return Haunted Dead, play the Pariah for its Madness cost and then activate it (I had an irrelevant creature or two I could have sacrificed in addition to the Haunted Dead and its token). That would have been sick. Alas.

Fired up MTGO later that night and drafted a better version of the same deck. I considered maindecking the Emrakul, the Promised End for funsies but ultimately decided to leave her in the sideboard, happy enough to have snatched a money card.

I went 3-0, the deck seemed great. Round one, opponent made things hard on himself by not showing up for nearly 10 minutes, so his clock would have killed him if I didn’t. In round two I got to put Choking Restraints on a Devilthorn Fox that opponent had enchanted with a Lunarch Mantle on turn 3. I have lost a few matches to the ‘ol “Can you deal with this Lunarch Mantle?” gambit and it felt great to shut it down.

Round 3 was close and I had a couple of challenging decisions. I was on the draw in game 3 and had mulled to 6. Opponent was green-red werewolves with lots of beef. We made some early trades and the mid game was looking to be a race. I cast Distended Mindbender and had the choice of leaving him with only Gatstaf Arsonists or Kessig Dire Swine in hand. He had 5 mana (including a Cryptolith Fragment) so he could definitely play the 5/4 but would have to draw a land to play the 6/6. He also had a Cultist’s Staff in play so either one of them would be quite large. I let him keep the 5/4 because I would have been okay with him trading for my 5/5 when I attacked. I had a Bruna, the Fading Light in hand (with no target in my graveyard, however). I had also drawn and played a sideboard Peace of Mind. It was a tough to decide what to do with that – do I want to discard land and miss hitting Bruna mana? As it turned out, I did not activate it even once but I still think it was a good enough card to bring in here.

We each swung past each other once and then opponent equipped the Gatstaf Arsonists with Cultist’s Staff but did not attack, letting it flip into an 8/7 menace, ready to block my 5/5 Distended Mindbender with impunity.

Choking Restraints came off the top. Holla.

Ulrich of the Lollenhorde

Got killed in round one at the store again this week, by the same guy who killed me last week! At least this week I think my deck was actually pretty good. In pack 1, both I and the guy to my immediate right opened Ulrich of the Krallenhorde. You have to reveal your flip cards so we both laughed, shrugged, and each took our respective mythic. He actually went on to not be in green so we didn’t trainwreck each other too badly.

Game one, I kept a hand of Gibbering Fiend, Ulvenwald Observer, Spreading Flames, and lands. I flooded out pretty badly, drawing and playing something like 14 lands while opponent was able to turtle up behind an early assemblage of the Call the BloodlineSanitarium Skeleton combo, which I was always going to hard-pressed to beat. I even 3-for-1’d him with the Spreading Flames but it just didn’t matter. Game two, I sided in Root Out (and drew it) but I couldn’t get much else going. Opponent just played average stuff like Gavony Unhallowed but it lined up well against me and he went a little wider.

Rats off to ya!

Won my third Eldritch Moon queue in a row. I’d better retire from the format before the other shoe drops. Pride goeth and all that.

This time I was black-red with 3x Graf Rats and 3x Midnight Scavengers. I foolishly only maindecked 2x Scavengers but I got wise and brought in the 3rd copy after every game one, typically taking out the Dusk Feaster. Stensia Masquerade also came out; I think that card might suck and I just missed the memo for an entire format?

Not much to tell, I just melded Graf Rats and Midnight Scavengers over and over again. In the couple of games where I didn’t assemble that combo, Devils’ Playground usually showed up for a little reach.