Throwback Khans Draft

Did a sweet throwback Khans of Tarkir draft this week. I first-picked an Icefeather Aven and also got 2x Bellowing Saddlebrutes very early. I tried to stick to Sultai colors and was pretty pleased with where I ended up, despite not having any splashy rares.

Round 2, game 2 was a grueling grind against an Abzan deck, the board had gotten very clogged – he had a Herald of Anafenza that had activated 7 or 8 times. We got to a point where I was on a one-outer to draw Death Frenzy, and I got there. That was against Tim, who has killed me many, many times in draft so I felt fine about sacking off the topdeck. Seriously, though, Tim is pretty much an elite limited player at this point (1900+ online, all that) as well as being a total class act. He’s moving away later this summer and will be missed in the local draft scene for sure. Cheers, Tim!

My finals opponent offered the split, which of course is fine by me. It was a 5-3 and we were just kind of playing the fetchland lottery anyway so we each took 4 packs. While I did win our funsies match, he definitely won the night. I pulled a Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker from my packs… opponent pulled a foil Polluted Delta.

Great format, cool dudes, would run that back anytime.



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