Hour of Devastation

Have had some moderate success in my first few passes at Hour of Devastation limited. Well, in sealed at least; in my first draft I insta-died.

In my first prerelease sealed, I went 5-1 with a base blue-white deck:

So, if you assume that I’ll draw into my colors (hey, it worked out) this deck is pretty good, and the single Forest was just a mise for the second half of Prepare // Fight so that’s not too crazy. Vizier of the Anointed was great, I triggered the card draw many times.

I played a smaller 4-round flight the next day and tried to build a Nicol Bolas theme deck since I opened these rares:

The manabase was not great but I guess I ran well enough overall. I went 3-1. I never cast the Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh but hoo boy was The Scarab God good. Felt pretty unfair whenever I cast it.

The next day 8 of us who had scored some prize packs got together and drafted, so this is my first draft deck of the format:

I’ll note that during the draft I opened a foil Claim // Fame but passed it for some random good common for my deck. That was a huge punt because the foil uncommon is worth $15 or so since it looks likely to be a Modern card in Death’s Shadow decks.

I mean, it’s not Pascal Maynard’s foil Tarmogoyf or anything, I can live it down, but still. Then, in the first round, I got ultrakilled by local limited specialist Tim (revenge for that last Khans draft, I suppose). Tim managed to assemble, in his first pass at the format, what certainly looked like the nut blue-red spells deck, complete with multiple Riddleforms and even an Imminent Doom. The red enchantment might look like a clunky do-nothing but Tim cast it and then triggered it 1-2-3-4 on me. The draws he had, it frankly felt like playing against a Modern Storm deck. Literally nothing I did mattered in those games, and I had functional, curve-out draws. But enough bellyaching 🙂

One more sealed deck the next weekend for Launch day. Very unexciting deck here; I mained a Honed Khopesh for crying out loud:

Okay, so round one I mulligan both games, not drawing lands and I die to my opponent’s workaday creature draws. After the match I’m messing with my deck and notice I have 38 cards, 15 lands. So, obviously, that’s not a legal deck and it also may partially explain the land-light draws. Woof. I deserve the match loss for sheer boneheadedness.

Strange, too, because usually I’m kind of anal about counting my cards, just a little OCD type of thing I’ll do. I’ve been trying to avoid doing it lately because it looks like pile shuffling which you just should not be in the habit of doing. If I would have just run that pile count, I would have noticed the missing lands. Anyway, I fixed the deck and won out, finishing 4-1.

One more thing that was kinda trippy – or I may be losing my marbles? A few of us were chatting about movies between rounds, and one of the guys mentions he’s just seen this movie Predestination with Ethan Hawke, it’s about time travel, he really liked it and recommended we check it out. I’m like, “yeah, that sounds really cool, I have never heard of that, I’ll give it a shot.” So that same night, my wife and I put on the movie after the kids are in bed. 10, 15 minutes into the film it dawns on me that I have actually seen it before. That is so weird to me that I could totally forget something like that. I’m kind of a “movie guy” so the fact that I could draw such a complete blank about a movie described to me with that level of specificity… yeah, might be losing my marbles.



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