The Bird is the Word

Pack one, pick one, I open River Hoopoe and decide to force blue-green right then and there. I get some other good blue cards early, such as Eternal of Harsh Truths and even a foil Kefnet’s Last Word at the beginning of pack two. Somewhere in there I tabled a second River Hoopoe so I knew I was on the right track. It’s hoopoes all the way down my dudes.

Round 1 my opener is Island, Forest, 2x River Hoopoe plus who gives a shit what else. I win easily in about 5 seconds.

Round 2, opponent has a good black-white zombies deck but I stabilize and activate a River Hoopoe something like 5+ times in game 1. That is no bueno for the aggro deck. In fairness to my opponent, he had to mulligan down to 5 on the play for game 2 so he was in a pretty tough spot, and proceeded to flood out. I also made at least a couple of really egregiously bad plays but still won, which I know can be frustrating – i.e. “How am I losing to this idiot?” Opponent was a good sport, who I’m pretty sure has killed me in more lifetime matches than I have him – so it all comes out in the wash. Split the finals, went home.




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