UR Whatever

Currently in the Beta, Magic Arena is rotating draft formats on a weekly basis. Last week was Amonkhet-Hour, which is a garbage format that I don’t like, yet I spewed a bunch of gems on it anyway because I’m a draft addict. But whatever. Back to Dominaria for this week, one of the best formats in years. Here’s the last few matches of my first draft of the week. I’ll spoil the ending and say I kind of crapped out. A little disappointing, since my deck was okay and I had outs in most situations. I guess I came out slightly ahead on entry so what can I really complain about?

Let me know in the comments how the audio sounds – i.e. can you hear the voice over the music okay? I’m trying to get all that figured out. My dehumidifier may have been running in the basement as I recorded…



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