7-0 Rivals Draft

Sometimes on the Arena Beta Forums, people will complain that the draft format rotates, i.e. it’s not always the most recent set. I can see their side of things but now that I’ve been through a few of these cycles I will definitely say that I prefer the rotation as opposed to always playing the most recent set. By the time you’re sick of a format, it switches to something else and that’s great! Now, of course, you will probably have played all of the formats in the rotation several times each, so it’s not like drafting Ixalan in September 2018 is especially novel but do I think the change keeps things a little more interesting.

The rotation just came back around to Rivals-Ixalan today and I ranched my way to 7-0 with this pile. Please do note it’s a 42-card special:

I had one especially sweet game where I stabilized at 1 life and went on to win, drawing hella cards with Kumena’s Awakening. I never chose to transform the Dowsing Dagger, I always played it as a +2/+1 equipment with a drawback. Pairs well with fliers and Slippery Scoundrels.



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