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UR Whatever

Currently in the Beta, Magic Arena is rotating draft formats on a weekly basis. Last week was Amonkhet-Hour, which is a garbage format that I don’t like, yet I spewed a bunch of gems on it anyway because I’m a draft addict. But whatever. Back to Dominaria for this week, one of the best formats […]

Dumb game, learned nothing.

There’s nothing particular interesting here, other than I met this guy at 6-X (I don’t know if that necessarily means he was also specifically 6-X) and he was playing quite the ambitious Navigator’s Compass deck. Felt good to take him to the ranch.

Who Forgot to Tether the Express?

Alright which one of you assholes forgot to tether the express?

Magic Arena AER-KLD Draft

Here’s an AER-KLD draft I did on Magic Arena this weekend. Of course AER & KLD are old sets at this point but they only added them to Arena last week. Unfortunately I had a hip-hop station playing as I streamed this (I am a gangsta) so YouTube’s copyright sniffing prevents me from posting the […]


Dominaria’s such a sweet Limited format. 3-0’d at the LGS with this UB deck, splashing white off a couple Plains and a Skittering Surveyor. I flipped a Cold-Water Snapper plus On Serra’s Wings off a Demonlord Belzenlok trigger, lolz. Hey, at least in this format your unbeatable bogles cost you 6 mana, unlike back on […]

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Dragon Engine

Haven’t posted much lately… trying to lay low so my acerbic wit doesn’t land me in the WotC gulag… but I had to post this 3-0 draft decklist since I got there with the Traxos, Scourge of Kroog + Voltaic Servant combo – plus several other historic cards to boot. Dominaria Draft (2018-05-28)Lands (17)9 Plains8 […]


Dominaria couldn’t have come soon enough; I got pretty sick of Ixalan block. I spewed a bunch of tix playing RIX/XLN online even though I wasn’t having much fun (addictive behavior). Happily, I 3-0’d my first online Dominaria draft with this UR deck: Dominaria Draft (2018-04-27)Lands (17)9 Island7 Mountain1 Sulfur FallsCreatures (15)1 Relic Runner1 Vodalian […]