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Mono Blue ELD Draft

I’ve had a few mono-colored decks in Throne of Eldraine draft so far, but this was my first 3-0 mono. I don’t think this deck was a particularly great version of itself but I had a Folio of Fancies, which went a long way. About half the games I won by attacking with fliers but […]

Throne of Eldraine Draft

Early runs at drafting Throne on MTGO, format seems sweet. I had a 3-0 deck tonight, Black-White splashing Lochmere Serpent. Doom Foretold was a reader for sure, I definitely played it suboptimally the first time. I don’t know if this deck was pro-grade or anything, but obviously it had power. I did a lot of […]

First Pass at Throne of Eldraine

New set, get hype. I love the flavor of Throne of Eldraine, it’s such a cool variation on the sort of “PG-13 slightly-edgy fantasy” stuff we’ve been doing for a while. Anyway, this is my first pass at the set, a Sealed queue on Magic Arena. My pool was mediocre, and so was my performance. […]

It Be Like That

Okay why is it that whenever I turn on my stream it’s a scrubout bloodbath but when I just draft in private it’s a sicko 7-X full of awesome games? Arena needs MTGO-style replay functionality! Whatever.

MagicFest Kansas City 2019

I took my wife & kids to Kansas City for a fun weekend and, lo and behold, there just so happened to be a MagicFest going on at the convention center attached to our hotel… WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Regular draft sign-ups were over by the time I arrived on Friday evening, but there was a […]