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Hour’s up

Did my (most likely) last HOU-AKH draft down at the store and also my last sealed league online before Ixalan hits. My last league deck was only okay, but I was happy with it – triple Open Fire and double Struggle // Survive was nice, and I had big poppa Sifter Wurm up top. Manabase […]


You’re probably familiar with the concept of “going down a rabbit hole” on the internet. You innocently click one oddball link and the next thing you know, you’ve spent two hours watching dermatology videos on r/popping. It can happen to anyone! I recently fell down a “bad Magic YouTube” rabbit hole and I’m just so […]

The Bird is the Word

Pack one, pick one, I open River Hoopoe and decide to force blue-green right then and there. I get some other good blue cards early, such as Eternal of Harsh Truths and even a foil Kefnet’s Last Word at the beginning of pack two. Somewhere in there I tabled a second River Hoopoe so I […]

Hour of Devastation

Have had some moderate success in my first few passes at Hour of Devastation limited. Well, in sealed at least; in my first draft I insta-died. In my first prerelease sealed, I went 5-1 with a base blue-white deck: Hour of Devastation Prerelease (2017-07-08)Lands (17)1 Desert of the True6 Plains7 Island2 Swamp1 ForestCreatures (14)1 Proven […]

Throwback Khans Draft

Did a sweet throwback Khans of Tarkir draft this week. I first-picked an Icefeather Aven and also got 2x Bellowing Saddlebrutes very early. I tried to stick to Sultai colors and was pretty pleased with where I ended up, despite not having any splashy rares. Khans of Tarkir Draft (2017-06-28)Lands (17)1 Dismal Backwater1 Thornwood Falls5 […]

Grand Prix Omaha 2017

Spent a nice weekend at Grand Prix Omaha recently, brought along Chris to keep an eye on me. I’m due for a bender (I think I average one per quarter) so it was prudent to have a spotter around. As it happened, I was wholly responsible the entire time and got into zero trouble. I […]


Oh hey, P1P1 Gideon, sure we’ll try it. Amonkhet Draft (2017-05-24)Lands (17)9 Plains8 SwampCreatures (14)2 Gust Walker2 Binding Mummy1 Miasmic Mummy1 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster2 Unwavering Initiate1 Tah-Crop Elite1 Soulstinger2 Grim Strider2 Winged ShepherdSpells (9)1 Cartouche of Solidarity1 Compulsory Rest1 In Oketra’s Name1 Gideon of the Trials2 Cartouche of Ambition1 Splendid Agony1 Unburden1 Stir the SandsSideboard (12)1 […]