Blue-Black Barely

The format continues to stress me out, but I got a 6-3 with this blue-black deck:

I was 5-3 going into the 9th match, but I got there in game 3. Opponent gave me a Cancel off of a Sword-Point Diplomacy in the late game, which surprised me. When I cast it a couple turns later on his Charging Monstrosaur he said in the chat “I thought I exiled that?” I was like “Nope.” so maybe that was a misclick on his part that benefited me. Hey, I’ll take it, and MTGO shows the exiled cards and whatnot so *shrug*

My pool supported a few different “okay” decks that I employed in various situations. I had a mediocre green-white dinosaurs pile that I sided into against a bigger deck… and I got myself into this situation:



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