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Divine Ranching


7-0 Rivals Draft

Sometimes on the Arena Beta Forums, people will complain that the draft format rotates, i.e. it’s not always the most recent set. I can see their side of things but now that I’ve been through a few of these cycles I will definitely say that I prefer the rotation as opposed to always playing the […]

Rum and Coke and Vampire Neonates

Irrelevant Lightning Strikes

At least one embarrassing game where I could have ended it with a Lightning Strike to the dome. Whoops.

UR Whatever

Currently in the Beta, Magic Arena is rotating draft formats on a weekly basis. Last week was Amonkhet-Hour, which is a garbage format that I don’t like, yet I spewed a bunch of gems on it anyway because I’m a draft addict. But whatever. Back to Dominaria for this week, one of the best formats […]