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Divine Ranching


7-0 Rivals Draft

Sometimes on the Arena Beta Forums, people will complain that the draft format rotates, i.e. it’s not always the most recent set. I can see their side of things but now that I’ve been through a few of these cycles I will definitely say that I prefer the rotation as opposed to always playing the […]

Rum and Coke and Vampire Neonates

Irrelevant Lightning Strikes

At least one embarrassing game where I could have ended it with a Lightning Strike to the dome. Whoops.

UR Whatever

Currently in the Beta, Magic Arena is rotating draft formats on a weekly basis. Last week was Amonkhet-Hour, which is a garbage format that I don’t like, yet I spewed a bunch of gems on it anyway because I’m a draft addict. But whatever. Back to Dominaria for this week, one of the best formats […]

Dumb game, learned nothing.

There’s nothing particular interesting here, other than I met this guy at 6-X (I don’t know if that necessarily means he was also specifically 6-X) and he was playing quite the ambitious Navigator’s Compass deck. Felt good to take him to the ranch.

Who Forgot to Tether the Express?

Alright which one of you assholes forgot to tether the express?