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Clown World M19 Draft – RW Aggro

Shut up, M19 is great.

Shout out to mah boi Sprakkles, drafting some M19 for him. Funny thing, I *think* that there’s maybe a little more play to your “vanilla” formats on Arena than to your “expert level” formats because they’re less easily solved? Does that make sense? Bear with me. What I mean is, Ravnica Allegiance is an excellent […]

It was Sprakkles’ fault

My dear friend Sprakkles requested a draft when I frankly wasn’t feelin’ it and the takeaway is that I should trust my feelings.

A pair of RNA drafts

I drafted what I thought was a sweet Orzhov deck, only to scrub out. Then I drafted a half-assed ham sandwich Gates deck and pretty much got there. Go figure.

Working for it.