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Mono Blue ELD Draft

I’ve had a few mono-colored decks in Throne of Eldraine draft so far, but this was my first 3-0 mono. I don’t think this deck was a particularly great version of itself but I had a Folio of Fancies, which went a long way. About half the games I won by attacking with fliers but […]

Throne of Eldraine Draft

Early runs at drafting Throne on MTGO, format seems sweet. I had a 3-0 deck tonight, Black-White splashing Lochmere Serpent. Doom Foretold was a reader for sure, I definitely played it suboptimally the first time. I don’t know if this deck was pro-grade or anything, but obviously it had power. I did a lot of […]

I’m finna tryna bust out

I used to be a Magic Online apologist but after a year or so of Arena I’m ready to be done with it – so I’m being liberal with my remaining MTGO currency. I haven’t been intentionally losing but, for example, I dropped from a Friendly Sealed League at 0-2 tonight, whereas in the past […]

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Dragon Engine

Haven’t posted much lately… trying to lay low so my acerbic wit doesn’t land me in the WotC gulag… but I had to post this 3-0 draft decklist since I got there with the Traxos, Scourge of Kroog + Voltaic Servant combo – plus several other historic cards to boot. Dominaria Draft (2018-05-28)Lands (17)9 Plains8 […]


Dominaria couldn’t have come soon enough; I got pretty sick of Ixalan block. I spewed a bunch of tix playing RIX/XLN online even though I wasn’t having much fun (addictive behavior). Happily, I 3-0’d my first online Dominaria draft with this UR deck: Dominaria Draft (2018-04-27)Lands (17)9 Island7 Mountain1 Sulfur FallsCreatures (15)1 Relic Runner1 Vodalian […]