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HobbyBear Open – Fall 2016

The local store ran a larger Modern tournament this past weekend with some of the trappings of the various “open series” events out there, such as an exclusive playmat. This one has original art by Ron Spencer, so that’s pretty dope. There were 67 players for 7 rounds of Swiss. I ran Ponza, which shut […]

WMCQ 2016

We had a World Magic Cup Qualifier here in Lincoln this past weekend, which is a pretty big deal for a little ‘ol town like ours. I was not qualified for the main WMCQ (on account of I’m a scrub with no Planeswalker Points) but there were lots of side events on both Saturday and […]

Some stay dry and others feel the pain

Played this cute Stone Rain deck at Sunday afternoon Modern. I had a blast with it! Modern Stone Rain (2016-06-05)Lands (21)9 Forest1 Mountain3 Stomping Ground4 Wooded Foothills2 Windswept Heath1 Misty Rainforest1 Verdant CatacombsCreatures (15)2 Birds of Paradise4 Arbor Elf2 Obstinate Baloth2 Thragtusk1 Stormbreath Dragon4 Inferno TitanSpells (24)4 Utopia Sprawl4 Blood Moon4 Stone Rain4 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss4 […]

2016 SCG Spring States

Played in SCG Modern States this weekend, a good turnout of 90+ meant 7 rounds. I played BW Tokens with a couple new cards as experimental one-ofs (Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Anguished Unmaking). TL;DR is that I started out well at 3-0 but then lost the next 3 in a row, dropping in shame at […]

Token Worship

Played in a small Modern tourney this weekend, had about 20 players. There were a wide variety of decks present, which is cool to see. Five rounds, cut to top 8. I ran BW Tokens, with a couple tweaks. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar can create an indestructible Glorious Anthem emblem, which is a unique effect. […]