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First Rivals draft and WTF was this Houston DQ?

First pass at Rivals of Ixalan draft in paper down at the LGS. I P1P1’d a gold card, Dire Fleet Neckbreaker, and then tried to force BR pirates. I ended up with a few good blue pirates in my pool (e.g. Deadeye Rig-Hauler & Dreamcaller Siren) but not enough to try going 3-color. I think […]

Noooooo just no

The Magic community recently became embroiled in a controversy over online bullying. A cosplayer named Christine Sprankle accused a YouTuber named Jeremy Hambly (Unsleeved Media) of harassing her so badly that she had to quit her cosplay business. Debate raged across the Magic internet, including of course on the MagicTCG subreddit. The MagicTCG mods quickly […]

The Definitive “Women in Magic” Thinkpiece

The topic of Women in Magic, specifically the question of why there are so few, has been a point of contention for essentially as long as organized play has existed. Every couple of years a new writer tries their hand at examining the issue. This time around we have a piece from Daniel Fournier and […]


You’re probably familiar with the concept of “going down a rabbit hole” on the internet. You innocently click one oddball link and the next thing you know, you’ve spent two hours watching dermatology videos on r/popping. It can happen to anyone! I recently fell down a “bad Magic YouTube” rabbit hole and I’m just so […]


Oh hey, P1P1 Gideon, sure we’ll try it. Amonkhet Draft (2017-05-24)Lands (17)9 Plains8 SwampCreatures (14)2 Gust Walker2 Binding Mummy1 Miasmic Mummy1 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster2 Unwavering Initiate1 Tah-Crop Elite1 Soulstinger2 Grim Strider2 Winged ShepherdSpells (9)1 Cartouche of Solidarity1 Compulsory Rest1 In Oketra’s Name1 Gideon of the Trials2 Cartouche of Ambition1 Splendid Agony1 Unburden1 Stir the SandsSideboard (12)1 […]