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You’re probably familiar with the concept of “going down a rabbit hole” on the internet. You innocently click one oddball link and the next thing you know, you’ve spent two hours watching dermatology videos on r/popping. It can happen to anyone! I recently fell down a “bad Magic YouTube” rabbit hole and I’m just so […]


Oh hey, P1P1 Gideon, sure we’ll try it. Amonkhet Draft (2017-05-24)Lands (17)9 Plains8 SwampCreatures (14)2 Gust Walker2 Binding Mummy1 Miasmic Mummy1 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster2 Unwavering Initiate1 Tah-Crop Elite1 Soulstinger2 Grim Strider2 Winged ShepherdSpells (9)1 Cartouche of Solidarity1 Compulsory Rest1 In Oketra’s Name1 Gideon of the Trials2 Cartouche of Ambition1 Splendid Agony1 Unburden1 Stir the SandsSideboard (12)1 […]

On Hatred

Cross-posted from because I know you come here for overwrought political commentary as well as printable Harambe tokens.

Harold Melvin Without The Blue Notes

A couple things: First, I read pieces by Tzu Ching Kuo and The FerretĀ in the early hours of the controversy that I thought were very good and I recommend you check those out. They are certainly better than the truckload of word-chum that I’ve dumped here. Second, amid much hue and cry, WOTC has now […]