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So close…

I started off 8-0 with this black-white deck featuring a Vona, Butcher of Magan. I would sometimes side into a green-white dinos deck with some fatter creatures if that made sense. Alas, in round 9 my opponent had turn 2 Wanted Scoundrels in games 1 & 3, and in the final game he put One […]

Suxalan Sealed

This is me after posting losing records in like six consecutive sealed leagues: I accept responsibility, to a degree, for my poor performances but I think this sealed format kind of sucks.

Lollective Effort

First-picked Collective Effort, ended up red-white with a trio of Brazen Wolvess. EMN EMN SOI (2016-10-23)Lands (17)9 Mountain8 PlainsCreatures (15)1 Field Creeper2 Falkenrath Reaver1 Steadfast Cathar1 Guardian of Pilgrims3 Brazen Wolves1 Geier Reach Bandit1 Conduit of Storms1 Convicted Killer1 Ironclad Slayer1 Voldaren Duelist1 Vildin-Pack Outcast1 Gatstaf ArsonistsSpells (8)1 Lunarch Mantle1 Ride Down1 Magmatic Chasm1 Fiery […]

SuckmyLobster does not have time for my foolishness

Went 7-2 in my last “Friendly Sealed League,” which I’m happy with. I get a little buttsore if I can’t hit at least 6-3 with a decent pool. One of my two losses, I misplayed a close game 3 that I’m sure I could have won if I’d done just one or two things differently. […]

A couple of SOI drafts

I 3-0’d a pair of SOI drafts. The first one, I had a P1P1 Olivia, Mobilized for War and it was just kind of a good, boring deck. Yawn. I keep trying to play Dissension in the Ranks, dreaming of some kind of huge blowout but I don’t think I’ve ever actually cast it. The […]

Leap Day Salt

I lost in round two of a donky 4-3-2-2 but my round one opponent gave me some savory salt so I was happy. Delicious. The guy was not super stoked when I used Ulamog’s Reclaimer to get back Serpentine Spike. My deck was not very good:

Foil Oblivion Sower, plus I guess some other cards

Opened a foil Oblivion Sower in pack 1 of a Swiss queue, worth 12 tix so that was nice. I ended up with a decent blue-green deck. Battle for Zendikar Draft (2015-11-30)Lands (18)7 Island7 Forest1 Lumbering Falls1 Skyline Cascade1 Blighted Cataract1 Blighted WoodlandCreatures (13)1 Pilgrim’s Eye1 Benthic Infiltrator1 Halimar Tidecaller1 Void Attendant1 Lifespring Druid1 Incubator […]