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Leap Day Salt

I lost in round two of a donky 4-3-2-2 but my round one opponent gave me some savory salt so I was happy. Delicious. The guy was not super stoked when I used Ulamog’s Reclaimer to get back Serpentine Spike. My deck was not very good:

Foil Oblivion Sower, plus I guess some other cards

Opened a foil Oblivion Sower in pack 1 of a Swiss queue, worth 12 tix so that was nice. I ended up with a decent blue-green deck. Battle for Zendikar Draft (2015-11-30)Lands (18)7 Island7 Forest1 Lumbering Falls1 Skyline Cascade1 Blighted Cataract1 Blighted WoodlandCreatures (13)1 Pilgrim’s Eye1 Benthic Infiltrator1 Halimar Tidecaller1 Void Attendant1 Lifespring Druid1 Incubator […]

Couple of black-green Origins drafts

I played a few of the throwback Rise of the Eldrazi queues, using up my stock of the new “Play Point” thingies. I never really knew what I was doing; I mostly went 2-1 a couple of times. I did manage to create this board state once, so that was kind of a hoot: But, […]

Salt Road Patrol, Indeed

Just farting around, did a Fate-Khans-Khans 6-2-2-2 queue for funsies tonight and my round 2 opponent got pretty salty. Even though his deck had End Hostilities in it… he was still pretty hostile. The best part was when he re-started the chat with me after round 3. My deck was okay, it was straight black-white; […]

luck sack jank

This guy did not respect the Death Frenzy.