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Hour’s up

Did my (most likely) last HOU-AKH draft down at the store and also my last sealed league online before Ixalan hits. My last league deck was only okay, but I was happy with it – triple Open Fire and double Struggle // Survive was nice, and I had big poppa Sifter Wurm up top. Manabase […]

Hour of Devastation

Have had some moderate success in my first few passes at Hour of Devastation limited. Well, in sealed at least; in my first draft I insta-died. In my first prerelease sealed, I went 5-1 with a base blue-white deck: Hour of Devastation Prerelease (2017-07-08)Lands (17)1 Desert of the True6 Plains7 Island2 Swamp1 ForestCreatures (14)1 Proven […]

Grand Prix Omaha 2017

Spent a nice weekend at Grand Prix Omaha recently, brought along Chris to keep an eye on me. I’m due for a bender (I think I average one per quarter) so it was prudent to have a spotter around. As it happened, I was wholly responsible the entire time and got into zero trouble. I […]

Amonkhet Prerelease

Opened some good rares at the Amonkhet prerelease, including a Glorybringer and a Hazoret the Fervent. I think my pool clearly wanted to be red-white, but I also dipped into black for Gravedigger, 2x Final Reward and the aftermath half of Start // Finish. I splashed off of 1x Evolving Wilds + 2x Swamp. I […]

Aether Revolt Sealed 9-0

Got my second-ever 9-0 in MTGO Friendly Sealed League with a powerful black-green deck. I did not have a lot of artifact synergy to go along with the Herald of Anguish but that card’s a bomb even if you’re not exactly “going off” with it. AER KLD Sealed League (2017-04-04)Lands (17)9 Swamp8 ForestCreatures (15)1 Aether […]

Riding the Skysovereign to a 9-0

Achieved my first-ever 9-0 in a Friendly Sealed League on Magic Online. You need to catch some breaks to win 9 in a row, it helps to start by opening some unfair mythics. Kaladesh Friendly Sealed League (2016-12-21)Lands (17)9 Island8 MountainCreatures (14)2 Glint-Nest Crane2 Thriving Grubs1 Reckless Fireweaver2 Whirler Virtuoso1 Janjeet Sentry1 Chief of the […]


My Kaladesh prerelease pool produced a serviceable green-red deck, my promo foil was the oh-so-exciting Territorial Gorger. Yippie. Kaladesh Prerelease (2016-09-25)Lands (17)8 Mountain8 Forest1 SwampCreatures (15)1 Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter1 Scrapheap Scrounger2 Narnam Cobra1 Sage of Shaila’s Claim1 Kujar Seedsculptor1 Weldfast Monitor1 Thriving Rhino1 Ghirapur Guide1 Aethertorch Renegade1 Salivating Gremlins1 Territorial Gorger1 Spontaneous Artist1 Peema […]