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I’m a triple threat my dudes

The wife and kids were out of town for the weekend so I got to play a bunch of Magic, 3 formats in 3 days. First up, Modern FNM. I played my current pet deck, GR Ponza. I ran well and split 1st-2nd. I’ll be running this list at the next HobbyBear Open this coming […]

Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

Went to SCG Modern States a couple weeks ago. I was all set to play Black-White Tokens, I had even printed up some new Warrior tokens to go along with Secure the Wastes. But then I switched to Blue Tron at the last minute, with a fun-of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. It was a bloodbath. […]

Mono Black Is Still A Thing (Not Really Though)

Sorely disappointed that the FNM draft did not fire at the store this week, I want to round these people up and put them into reeducation camps, force them to learn to love drafting. Since I was there anyway, I entered the Standard FNM. I don’t really like Standard right now, and I can’t quite […]

TCGPlayer Fall States 2014

Played my first Standard-format event after the Khans of Tarkir rotation. I sort of just took my beloved Jund Monsters deck from last season, cut out the black and filled it in with some red burn. Turns out it sucked; I got my ass kicked all day! GR Monsters (2014-10-05 TCGPlayer Standard States)Lands (24)4 Temple […]

Magic 2015 Game Day

Played in Magic 2015 Game Day over the weekend. I basically don’t want to do anything other than overload Mizzium Mortars repeatedly for the rest of my life┬áso I played Mortars plus mana guys again. I have been unhappy when I’ve maindecked Xenagos, the Reveler in Jund Monsters in the past, so I ran him […]