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Journey into Nyx Game Day

I was away from Lincoln visiting family over Memorial Day weekend but, like a true fiend, I searched out a nearby game store running a Journey into Nyx Game Day event. One of the great things about Magic is that you can just waltz in to a different store in a different town, where you […]

Just a couple matches with Red Devotion

Played in a tiny little Standard event this weekend, only 3 rounds. I ran this: Red Devotion with Rakdos’s ReturnLands (25)4 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx4 Blood Crypt4 Temple of Malice2 Rakdos Guildgate1 Mana Confluence10 MountainCreatures (26)4 Ash Zealot4 Frostburn Weird4 Burning-Tree Emissary4 Boros Reckoner4 Fanatic of Mogis2 Purphoros, God of the Forge4 Stormbreath DragonSpells (9)3 […]

Iron Man Tournament at the Great Plains Game Festival

This was a weird tournament. But first, I’ll talk about the Great Plains Game Festival where the tournament was held. The GPGF was a 3-day (Fri-Sat-Sun) gaming festival at the Downtown Holiday Inn here in Lincoln, NE. It occupied 2 or 3 moderately-sized conference spaces in the hotel. There were a couple of vendors selling […]

Born of the Gods Game Day

I did well with Jund Monsters at Born of the Gods Game Day this past weekend. Indeed, I think about 70% of my success on the day can be attributed to my deck selection, 20% to a case of the run-goods and 10% to sound play. First, though, let me go on a quick tangent […]

PTQ with BW Midrange

Played in a Standard-format PTQ today at the local store. I had been playing Mono Blue Devotion for a couple months, and I really enjoyed the deck. However, for this PTQ, I felt like I wanted some more raw power in individual cards. I wanted to be topping out on cards like Elspeth, Sun’s Champion […]