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Make Me A Mix Tape

I came up in the age of the mix tape. My friends and I would compile favorite songs onto cassettes and pass them around. We eventually moved to CD’s but the idea was the same. Now, of course, everything is just streaming on your phone or whatever but I still think there’s a little magic […]

Oh no not my Blood Moon

This bike meme slays me. Maybe I’m a jerk, but as the guy in the comic says: whatever. I made a version applicable to my own life situation:

Tokens out for Harambe

I went through a phase where I was super into making custom tokens but have not done any for a little while. Somehow it came up in conversation that a Harambe Voice of Resurgence token would be a good idea. And, I mean, it makes sense because, like Voice of Resurgence, when Harambe died his […]

Would you like to draw?

This is a fascinating topic, largely because (spoiler alert) there is no solution and it’s probably bad to make any change to the status quo. Speaking for myself, some of my favorite topics are those where you can bloviate endlessly and not accomplish anything. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. I love this kind of stuff. […]

Custom mat from Inked Playmats

Maybe playmats are kind of a silly affectation, but I’ve come to prefer using them most of the time. I think I like them primarily because they help define “your space.” In a crowded room with elbow-to-elbow people it feels nice to have a bit of a boundary established. I’ve been interested in getting a custom playmat from Inked […]