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So I saw that some dorkus malorkus got shitcanned from SCG because of issues relating to this whole “GamerGate versus the Social Justice Warriors” thing, and I started to write a blog about it. I was going real deep, getting all philosophical ‘n shit. Then I read a bunch of tweets from some of the […]

Star City Games Open: Kansas City

This tournament report is dedicated to the Martyrs of Stalingrad. Thursday: Tournament prep started Thursday evening when Chris came over and watched me play Borderlands for an hour or two while he sleeved up decks for some dude to borrow. New pal Mitchell showed up later when he got off work and we started playing […]

The Levine Trench

via “Raging Levine” on Channel Fireball

Oh, good, Jund won another Modern GP

At Grand Prix Toronto, Willy Edel got a leg up on the “Spirit Jund” mirrors by maindecking -2 Lingering Souls, +2 Thundermaw Hellkite. I look forward to the day when next-leveling┬áthe Jund mirror involves maindecking Silklash Spider.

Standard GPT with GW Humans

I switched my GW aggro deck around to a more human-centric build based on a Sam Black list from a few weeks ago for a GPT today. Like they say: If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway. WG Humans (GPT 2012-12-08)Lands (24)4 Sunpetal Grove4 Temple Garden4 Cavern of Souls2 Gavony Township4 Forest6 PlainsCreatures (28)4 Avacyn’s […]