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Theros Draft (2013-10-17)

Nothing too sweet happens in this one, but I do get some insight into how to draft the heroic/aggro pump deck in triple Theros. Theros Draft (2013-10-17)Lands (16)10 Mountain6 PlainsCreatures (14)2 Akroan Crusader1 Hopeful Eidolon1 Leonin Snarecaster1 Phalanx Leader1 Setessan Battle Priest1 Flamespeaker Adept1 Lagonna-Band Elder1 Minotaur Skullcleaver1 Spearpoint Oread2 Two-Headed Cerberus1 Heliod’s Emissary1 Ill-Tempered […]

Lulz of the Night Pack

Chris joins Mitchell and me for an M14 draft because I now require supervision from two full-grown adults when I do these things. MTGO M14 Draft (2013-09-28)Lands (15)9 Forest6 IslandCreatures (10)1 Deadly Recluse1 Kalonian Tusker1 Predatory Sliver1 Seacoast Drake1 Advocate of the Beast1 Nephalia Seakite1 Water Servant1 Messenger Drake1 Sporemound1 Woodborn BehemothSpells (15)1 Quicken2 Lay […]

A whale of an opportunity

Jeff & Mitchell first-pick an Opportunity and then get a sweet Colossal Whale, ending up with a pretty nice Blue-Black deck. Spoiler: we never cast the Whale and never even draw the Opportunity but we still do okay. MTGO M14 Draft (2013-09-19)Lands (17)9 Island8 SwampCreatures (12)1 Tenacious Dead1 Corpse Hauler2 Undead Minotaur1 Accursed Spirit1 Archaeomancer1 […]

Lay of the Land

Mitchell joins me for an M14 draft and we try out Lay of the Land in a land-light deck. MTGO M14 Draft (2013-09-10)Lands (15)8 Forest7 MountainCreatures (16)2 Elvish Mystic2 Predatory Sliver1 Goblin Shortcutter1 Deadly Recluse2 Sliver Construct1 Blur Sliver2 Advocate of the Beast1 Academy Raider1 Briarpack Alpha1 Marauding Maulhorn1 Pitchburn Devils1 Thorncaster SliverSpells (9)2 Lay […]

I am not proud of myself

As mentioned on KRH Podcast #3… yeah…