I’m a triple threat my dudes

The wife and kids were out of town for the weekend so I got to play a bunch of Magic, 3 formats in 3 days. First up, Modern FNM. I played my current pet deck, GR Ponza. I ran well and split 1st-2nd. I’ll be running this list at the next HobbyBear Open this coming weekend, if you wanna hate me out LOLZ.

In the maindeck, I consider only 2 cards to be flex slots at this point: Garruk, Primal Hunter and Thrun, the Last Troll. Those could be maybe a 2nd Chandra, Torch of Defiance and a Thragtusk or Scavenging Ooze or a Primal Command. I used to have Thrun in the sideboard but I kept bringing him in all the time.

There are versions of the deck that dedicate 6 slots to the Platinum Emperion + Madcap Experiment combo but I haven’t wanted to try that out yet. I used to own 2 or 3 Platinum Emperions but got rid of them back when they were bulk mythics and now he’s like a $20 dude or something ridiculous. I also just don’t like that kind of combo very much, where a deck has cards you specifically *don’t* want to draw. This deck already has a bit of that issue with Bonfire of the Damned but sometimes just casting that from hand for X=1 or 2 is really great.

I love my sideboard, I only really waffle between 3x Sudden Shock and 2x Anger of the Gods – i.e should those numbers be reversed? Sudden Shock is/was really important against Infect and creature-combo. I’m probably pretty soft to Living End and maybe Dredge. I haven’t really encountered those decks yet.

Then, on Saturday, I got in a draft at a new comic shop in town, Rainbow Comics. This was the first Magic event they’ve tried to run and I think it went great, I hope they do more in the future. I think I first-picked Thopter Arrest and then ended up with a pretty solid UW Skies deck.

It may have been wrong to play the Glint-Nest Crane with so few hits in the deck. I definitely had a couple whiffs where I was pushing 2-3 cards I actively wanted to the bottom of my deck. I split the finals with Chris but round 2 was a really sweet match against a blue-red deck. We both had Aethertide Whales and had to let them kill each other in combat instead of either one of us choosing to bounce.

Anyway, if you’re in southwest Lincoln, be sure to check out Rainbow Comics. Cool little shop.

Which brings us to Sunday, Game Day at Hobbytown North and my least favorite format: Standard. I only played because I love North HTown – it’s nearby, only¬†a pleasant walk away from my house – and I had the day free since the family was away. Accepting that Standard is a garbage format for garbage people, I brewed up a sort of “cards I own dot deck” in an Eldrazi theme:

Chris harangued me for playing Bearer of Silence but I thought it was cute. I will confess that I sided it out 100% of the time. The maindeck Warping Wails were awesome, I would run those back in a heartbeat. I ran well in the first rounds (vs mono-red aggro, vs black-white midrange, vs red-black madness) and was able to double-draw into Top 8.

My final round opponent wanted to play for funsies after ID’ing so we farted around a little. He was on a blue-red improvise brew that seemed good when it was doing its thing. He trounced me but then again we didn’t bother sideboarding. As it turned out, I was paired against this same dude in the quarterfinals but I got to play first as I was the higher rank.

Long story short, I pooped the bed in games 1 and 3, mulling, discarding to hand size, bad beats. In game 2 I actually cast a few cards and won that one, at least. I’m mildly buttsore about it but c’est la Magic! Besides my opponent, the rest of the Top 4 were all on BG Snakes. For his part, my opponent made it to the finals before getting snaked, so good on him.

So, yeah, I still think Standard sucks fat boners but such is my love of the game that I will deign to play even Standard in certain circumstances.

Good times, my dudes.



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