I’m finna tryna bust out

I used to be a Magic Online apologist but after a year or so of Arena I’m ready to be done with it – so I’m being liberal with my remaining MTGO currency. I haven’t been intentionally losing but, for example, I dropped from a Friendly Sealed League at 0-2 tonight, whereas in the past I would have tried to grind it out. Alas, I then went on to 3-0 a draft just now with a 4x Trollbred Guardian deck.

Although I did lose this one game where I drew all 4 Trolls, but only 3 lands…

Ravnica Allegiance is a fun set, so I think I’ll keep drafting on MTGO until my account’s busted, then I’ll move on (dot org) from the program and I bet I’ll be happier for it.



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