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We had ten players for a Legacy-format Grand Prix Trial on Saturday. Most of them were folks from out-of-town who actually wanted the GP byes. I do not really play Legacy but it always looks like great fun; I watch a lot of the SCG Open Series coverage and whatnot. Mise well give it a shot.

I cobbled together a ghetto-fied version of a UB Tezzeret list that I had read about a while ago. I, of course, don’t have several of these cards so I just swapped things in. The thing is, there is no substitute for, say, Force of Will. You can’t just be like, “Oh, I’ll just run Counterspell instead and it will be fine.” I know this to be true, but I sort of just don’t care. Provided I’m okay with risking my $10 entry fee on the back of a very underpowered deck, why not go and play for fun, see what the format is like?

Round 1 vs Reanimator: Opponent has a pretty real-looking deck, but some of his plays make me feel like he’s similar to me in overall skill level (read: kind of a donk). For example, he pitches a Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur to Force of Will my turn 2 Talisman of Dominance and then, on his turn, he tries to reanimate the Jin-Gitaxias. I explain to him that the card is actually removed from the game, per the wording on Force of Will, so he can’t bring it back from his graveyard. He also lets me resolve a Jace, The Mind Sculptor that gives me a lot of protection against his reanimation targets. I go, “minus one Jace, unsummon your guy?” and he was taken by surprise. Just didn’t know what Jace did.

I don’t point these plays out to harp on the guy. I’m actually in the same boat: I don’t know a lot of these Legacy cards yet. I managed to win this match, due mostly to making a few more fundamentally sound plays than my opponent, rather than actually having a good deck. (record: 1-0)

Round 2 vs Dredge: I chat with my opponent and tell him that I’m brand new to Legacy and might have a lot of questions about WTF is going on at different points in the game. Dude is super cool to me and clearly describes everything that is going on with his Dredge deck. Game 1 he basically plays solitaire and kills me in short order. Game 2 I manage to have two 5/5s from Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas’s minus ability and a Wurmcoil Engine, so he can’t beat in profitably with his Ichorids and Bridge from Below tokens for a couple of turns. I had a variety of maindeck sweepers but couldn’t find one before he got up to a huge number of zombie tokens. (record: 1-1)

Round 3 vs Goblins: I lose, but it at least feels like I’m in the game the whole time. I stick an Engineered Plague after sideboarding and I’m drawing live, but flood out. (record: 1-2)

Round 4 vs UWr Control/Angels: Once again, I feel like I’m able to do a bunch of stuff, resolve Wurmcoil Engine, etc, but get beaten by a more real player with a more real deck. (record: 1-3)

Pretty much screwed the pooch, but still enjoyed the afternoon. Learned a little bit about some different decks. I will come back the next time we have a little Legacy tourney like this. I am wary of buying into Legacy wholeheartedly, though, as I’m looking more at Modern. The local store is planning to start running Modern events on Mondays beginning in January, which I hope to regularly attend, so if I’m spending $ on eternal cards, it’s probably going to be for Modern.



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