Mono Black Is Still A Thing (Not Really Though)

Sorely disappointed that the FNM draft did not fire at the store this week, I want to round these people up and put them into reeducation camps, force them to learn to love drafting.

A Draftwork Orange

Since I was there anyway, I entered the Standard FNM. I don’t really like Standard right now, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Something about it just feels hinky to me. I mean, Siege Rhino? That card can eat a dick.

I played this cute little Squelching Leeches deck:

Our FNM is usually just 4 Swiss rounds. I started out strong at 3-0, beating Temur Monsters, Black-Green Devotion and Red-White Tokens. In all of those games, I felt like I had lots of options and good answers to most things.

I lost in the last round to a Junk Reanimator deck. It was my own fault, in both games I kept 2-land hands that didn’t pan out, and opponent further punished me by reanimating Ashen Rider and exiling the few lands I did have. One thing my deck had going for it was smooth mana, 24 basic Swamp, so I believe I should have mulliganned those 2-landers, looking for at least 3 lands and maybe Silence the Believers as a half-assed answer to Ashen Rider. I think it was kind of a bad matchup, as all of opponent’s stuff had powerful enter-the-battlefield effects and killing them just fed his Whip of Erebos.

I did really like the deck and might try to adjust some cards and play it again, but only if the STUPID DRAFTS DON’T FIRE GOSH!



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