Shut up, M19 is great.

Shout out to mah boi Sprakkles, drafting some M19 for him. Funny thing, I *think* that there’s maybe a little more play to your “vanilla” formats on Arena than to your “expert level” formats because they’re less easily solved? Does that make sense? Bear with me.

What I mean is, Ravnica Allegiance is an excellent limited format, BUT say that with the bots drafting everyone agrees that Orzhov is the best deck, and furthermore everyone can always expect to have a Gate Colossus (or two!) plus a few Gates in their draft decks. That being the case, everyone’s deck is “fake” to a significant degree. I mean, it’s fine, I like it enough to keep playing it but it’s definitely “a thing.” In a more vanilla format, like M19, maybe everyone’s decks are at least a little more realistic even with bot drafting?

So, anyway, a couple of M19 drafts here:



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