Finally, a sealed-format PPTQ. I haven’t had a chance to do one of these in a long time. We registered our pools in a way that was new to me: You keep the same pool that you open yourself, but you have a litttle “deck reg buddy” and you register each other’s pools. I guess it’s a good solution for the butthurt that can arise when someone falls in love with the packs they open (e.g. foil planeswalker or whatever).

I was very happy with my pool and felt I had everything I needed to make the top 8 draft.

Then I immediately scrubbed out. Dammit.

Round 1 vs Red-White: I kind of flooded out, and I think opponent was possibly a Satanist because he had clutch Devils’ Playground and Dance with Devils both games. (0-1)

Round 2 vs Avacyn & Nahiri dot deck: This was a dude I know from around town, a great person but frankly, Jordan, I resent having to play against Archangel Avacyn and Nahiri, the Harbinger down in the losers’ bracket 🙂

I lost this one on his final turn (turn 4) of overtime. (0-2)

I’m no mathentologist, but there’s usually one pathetic X-2 that squeaks in so I just had to win out to see, right?

Round 3 vs Green-Red aggro: Got there. (1-2)

Round 4 vs Blue-Green mill: Sure, okay. (2-2)

Round 5 vs Black-Green: We went to game 3, where I think I made a pretty big mistake not exiling his Accursed Witch with my Avacynian Missionaries, instead using them to deal with an Elusive Tormentor. The witch flipped and the curse slowed me way down – I had been getting in with dorky 1/1 fliers. Eventually a Kessig Dire Swine showed up and ate me. (2-3, drop)

Ah well – hey, I hear there is an Eternal Masters sealed PPTQ coming up in July, let’s go ahead and pencil that in!



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