SuckmyLobster does not have time for my foolishness

Went 7-2 in my last “Friendly Sealed League,” which I’m happy with. I get a little buttsore if I can’t hit at least 6-3 with a decent pool.

One of my two losses, I misplayed a close game 3 that I’m sure I could have won if I’d done just one or two things differently. My other loss, well, frankly I got wrecked by this guy named “SuckmyLobster.” I did manage to drag the match out – I had some big rares to dig for (e.g. Bruna, the Fading Light) that could stabilize an unfavorable board.

In the end, though, it just wasn’t very close. I gave him the ‘ol “GGs” in the chat window and he really let me have it! I can only smile at how perturbed this guy was after winning. I haven’t run the numbers but I don’t think the “Friendly Sealed League” is where you want to be if you need to focus hard on converting time into value on Magic Online. Then again, this guy is smarter than me so who knows?


y u mad tho