TCGPlayer Fall States 2014

Played my first Standard-format event after the Khans of Tarkir rotation. I sort of just took my beloved Jund Monsters deck from last season, cut out the black and filled it in with some red burn.

Turns out it sucked; I got my ass kicked all day!

Okay, maybe I’m slightly overstating things. I felt like I had tools to win most of the matches I was in but I was definitely not prepared for some of the new cards. I lost to the Jeskai Mantis Rider deck twice, but I made some poor mulligan and sideboarding decisions. When that deck is firing on all cylinders, it seems really really good. My other loss was to a Mardu midrange deck where he managed to have 3 running Crackling Dooms for my first 3 monsters.

I beat a BUG (okay, “Sultai,” whatever) control deck playing Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Kiora, the Crashing Wave. That deck seemed good, I was lucky to have multiple Crater’s Claws to kill his planeswalkers. I also beat a Mardu tokens + Trumpet Blast deck way down in the depths of the losers’ bracket, to finish the Swiss at 2-3.

I do think I learned some stuff. Boon Satyr sucked, I sided them out for the 2x Arbor Colossus every game; I would maindeck the Arbors next time for sure. Mantis Rider, Brimaz, King of Oreskos and Butcher of the Horde were cards that laughed at my Magma Jets. I really liked the 4x Crater’s Claws but I think I swap the Magma Jets for Lightning Strike and/or Stoke the Flames.

I played 3x Goblin Rabblemaster mostly because I just don’t own a 4th copy, and in that slot I ran the Bow of Nylea. The Bow was actually pretty good and I might keep it. Its deathtouch ability combos nicely with the Rabblemaster tokens.

There is another “States” next weekend, under the SCG banner, which will probably be a larger tournament. I’m coincidentally getting my wisdom teeth pulled a couple days prior to that so I will if I’m feeling well enough, but I would like to run this deck back with a handful of changes.

Or maybe I need to give in and be playing a wedge deck like everybody else? I miss my Domri Rades and Rakdos’s Returns. 🙁



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