Ulrich of the Lollenhorde

Got killed in round one at the store again this week, by the same guy who killed me last week! At least this week I think my deck was actually pretty good. In pack 1, both I and the guy to my immediate right opened Ulrich of the Krallenhorde. You have to reveal your flip cards so we both laughed, shrugged, and each took our respective mythic. He actually went on to not be in green so we didn’t trainwreck each other too badly.

Game one, I kept a hand of Gibbering Fiend, Ulvenwald Observer, Spreading Flames, and lands. I flooded out pretty badly, drawing and playing something like 14 lands while opponent was able to turtle up behind an early assemblage of the Call the BloodlineSanitarium Skeleton combo, which I was always going to hard-pressed to beat. I even 3-for-1’d him with the Spreading Flames but it just didn’t matter. Game two, I sided in Root Out (and drew it) but I couldn’t get much else going. Opponent just played average stuff like Gavony Unhallowed but it lined up well against me and he went a little wider.